Why I personally do not feel the joy of Ukraine signing association with the EU


Probably, because yesterday I was standing again on the shore of Lake Donuzlav listening to sounds of Ukrainian national anthem playing on “Olshansky” and realized that people on the ship are beyond the utter hopelessness. The captain did not answer his phone, and we send the message in Morse using a flashlight: “Glory to the heroes! Ukraine is with you!” And they were answering back from the ship. It feels like, you know, a love confession.

Probably, because I saw  wives of  marines hysterically looking at the “Slavutich”, the last free Ukrainian ship in Sevastopol. Captain’s wife was telling him on the phone: “Please, no trophies. Just bring your head back home alive, okay?”

Probably, because Crimea is completely different now, and no mountains, no palaces, no fresh air pleases me anymore. It feels like I’ve lost my home.

Furthermore, I do not feel any joy, probably, because everything that happened on Maidan was something much bigger than just a desire to sign the EU association. And no association can neutralize a portion of the poison, which we all got treated with.



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