After military intervention by Russian troops, Crimea’s marionette government with the support of Russian military staff, hired groups of thugs, and aggressive marginalized citizens, is building a full-scale informational blockade of Crimea.

Every Ukrainian TV channel has been cut off and changed to Russian TV channel.  Local, central and international media are not allowed to film or photograph. Journalists being threatened and harassed, including several cases of kidnapping and severe beatings.    

I was born and got my journalism degree in Russia. I also used to live and worked in Crimea for several years.  As soon as Russian troops started their shameful annexation of Crimea, I immediately left Kiev for Simferopol (capital of Crimea) to report live from the ground.

With the group of my colleagues, we are streaming live videos, taking pictures, conducting interviews at the streets, at the most heated demonstrations, and from the inside of  Ukrainian military bases, blocked by armed Russian soldiers.



5 responses to “About”

  1. Paul says :

    Your blog is fantastic! Nuanced, thoughtful and personal. Through my wife I have family in Inkerman and Djankoy. Your comments about unleashing the virus are spot on. Crimeans have been shat on for a long time (Tatars, Russians, Ukrainians) and those that didn’t like Yanukovych also don’t want to support Ukraine (at least not openly). The thing is, most Crimeans want a normal, democratic government too (like the Maidan protestors fought for) and don’t really want to have Russia suddenly deciding that they should belong to Russia. They know what Russian “freedom” looks like under Putin. It’s just sad that no one really cares what Crimeans think as long as the oligarchs get their way.

    • katyainside says :

      Thank you, Paul. I do think that 1 positive outcome of this situation is the fact that Kiev (doesn’t matter who is in govt) has realized the complexity of the region, and has no other option but to built smart and flexible policy not “towards” but “together with” Crimea (fingers crossed it stays in)

  2. lidia wolanskyj says :

    You are 100% right about Kyiv and Crimea. I hope Crimeans don’t find their better future taken away from them now…

  3. Anonymous says :

    Katya-you and your writing are inspiring. Thank you for doing this. There is a Ukraine Crisis Media center set up in Kiev looking for reporting from Crimea. Are you aware of them and sending them info>

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